Grand Tourneo Connect
camper van conversions

Convert your Grand Tourneo Connect into a fully functional micro camper. With a simple foldable design, your Grand Tourneo Connect can be transformed into true MPV.

About the Grand Tourneo Connect camper conversion kits

The Grand Tourneo Connect conversion kit is the simple, affordable solution to camping on the go. Offering a unique foldable design your Grand Tourneo Connect can take on several configurations purpose-built for camping on the go.


The Grand Tourneo Connect camper conversion kit folds away nicely into the boot. Allowing you to keep all the rear seats and the generous storage space that the Grand Tourneo Connect is known for.

Relaxing throughout the day

Within seconds you can transform your boot into a cosy longe complete with seating for up to five and a table to eat, read or finish that crossword you’ve been working on.

Sleeping the night away

Time for bed? With no effort at all, you can change from longe to bed, with a comfy, and spacious double matress.

What our customers say

We had lots of questions when we came to look at the micro-campers and Jason couldn't have been more helpful! He provided an excellent service (alongside his excellent conversions) and we have loved every moment of becoming micro-camper owners. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Redcote Leisure – and indeed have already done so to several of our friends!

Beth and John

My husband has always loved camping, I have always said I would hate it. We couldn't afford the 30 grand for a 10 year old VW camper. So when he showed me the details of a Redcote day/micro van I was persuaded to go and have a look. What a revelation! Jason showed us the various beautifully kitted out vans with no hard sell or pressure to buy, it was obvious he knew his stuff and loved the vans. We bought one straight away. We have had days out cooking on the little stove and sitting in the back at the table. We also bought the awning, which is really a little tent that fits neatly on the back of the van. We have been camping over night, what could be better – the room of the little tent to sit/eat in and then climbing up to sleep in the comfy double bed in the back of the van. It is perfect and we love it and would recommend Redcote Leisure


We are happy to recommend this place. Jason is very knowledgeable about his product, and was able to talk us novices through what we needed to know. When there were a couple of unforseen glitches, these were sorted out quickly and in a friendly and professional manner. A pleasure to deal with him, and we would not hesitate to do so again. We have now had a couple of brilliant excursions in our camper…one a local try out, the other a 1400 mile 5 day trip to the far side of Germany, taking in 5 countries in total and finishing up at an excellent campsite in Belgium. The camper did everything required and we had a brilliant trip.

Caroline Hodson

Micro camping is such fun! Jason at Redcote is very helpful. Top marks from us.

Joye Colbeck

I and out in no time, great service and a quality product.

Leigh Dowell

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Why buy a conversion kit from us?

20 years experience

We’ve got years of experience in the outdoor leisure industry.

After-sales support

We’re known for our outstanding support.

Camping enthusiasts

We love camping, so know what you’ll need.


Save on fuel, insurance and time compared to a tent or motorhome.

More freedom

Go anywhere, anytime and have the comfort of a fully functional campervan.


Not just a camper but an everyday car as well. You even keep all the seats.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

  • Commodious seven-seater interior
  • Positive steering and supple ride
  • Large sliding doors for easy access
  • Economical diesel engine range

The Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is a value-focused carrier. That seems to be attempting to gain some market share from the likes of Citroen, Fiat and Peugeot.

Let me tell you what the Grand Tourneo Connect isn’t. It’s not the Tourneo Connect with some extra space. No, it’s a whole different vehicle with plenty of uniqueness.

The Design

Starting from the front doors going back, the body is completely unique. With a longer wheelbase, wider sliding doors and modified rear wing panels. The overall design looks more balanced and a little less van-like to its counterparts.

From the inside, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the sheer size. With the amount of space offered being like a car version of the transit connect van.

There’s an optional third row of seats in the back which means the Grand Connect can carry up to seven people. It’s clear a lot of attention has been paid to maximising the interior. With plenty of head and legroom for the driver and all seven passengers.


The boot space can be a little restrictive. But is easily extended, with the five back seats folding flat into the floor of the car. This functionality is a first for this type of vehicle and increases cargo space to over 3 meters in length. And up to 2,620 litres.

Storage compartments are everywhere, including under the floor, behind the front seats. A cubby above the instrument panel and roof-mounted storage shelves.

Along with plenty of storage comes four 12-volt sockets. Which should be more than enough to keep phones, and portable consoles charged.

For the driver

The driver’s seat is adjustable to eight different variations. And the steering wheel is adjustable for distance and angle. Needless to say, no driver will have a problem finding a comfortable position.

With its firm plastic interior, the dashboard feels very car-like and durable. All the controls are within the drivers reach making for a very easy experience. The steering wheel can house audio and cruise control. And all the other buttons and dials are clearly labelled.

If opt-ed for a sat-nav and reversing camera is neatly housed in the dashboard. Making for a complete and thought-out look.

The Grand Tourneo Connect has a deep windscreen, which gives a great view of the road. All-round visibility is great, due to its split rearview mirrors and slim pillars.

The Drive

Despite its large size the Grand Tourneo Connect is quiet on the road compared to many van-derived cars. A planned outcome given the materials used in the build is known to reduce noise.

This car shares many of its components with the Ford Focus which provides a great handling. Being a pretty weighty car helps ensure a better driving experience over uneven surfaces. Better still it doesn’t seem to suffer from excessive body roll which is great for a vehicle this size.

For a van-based vehicle, the Ford Grand Tourneo Connects comfort levels are very car-like. Being a great ride, with good handling, and high comfort levels make this car a worthy match to its rivals. And in some ways outdoes many conventional car as well.


The length of the car doesn’t seem to affect fuel efficiency. With an average consumption claimed to be at 61.4mpg. We’re not surprised given its many fuel-saving features consisting of:

  • Start/Stop function
  • Active grilles for improved aerodynamic performance
  • Un-thirsty engine designs
  • Optional “Fuel Economy Pack”

The Ford Grand Tourneo Connects emissions to match its low fuel consumption. With the most polluting models rated at 130g/km. The cleanest in the range is the 1.6-litre TDCi with ‘Fuel Economy Pack’ measuring 121g/km.

There are three versions of Ford’s 1.6-litre TDCi available, and each feels refined and sounds quiet.

The 94bhp version is available for the entry and mid-range trims. It generates around 220Nm of torque and has a 0-62mph of 15.1 seconds. The top speed is 100mph, and CO2 emission is 130g/km; with a fuel consumption standing at 56.5mpg. Both emissions and fuel consumption get a boost with the optional “Fuel Economy” pack.

With the higher grade, Zetec and Titanium specifications come with the 113bhp engine variation. Torque becomes a good 285Nm making accelerating from low speeds easier. This variation comes with a six-speed manual gearbox and has a modest top speed of 103mph. It can go from 0-62mph at a lengthy 14.1 seconds. But, its efficiency makes up for its lack of power. Standing strong at 58.8mpg with CO2 emissions of 130g/km.

Being based on a van, you can expect high levels of reliability. Built with robust components to withstand the trials of a long life its clear Ford made this model to last.


The Grand Tourneo Connect has a five-star NCAP rating. Giving it one of the safest cars of its type. No surprise, given that all versions use high strength steels in crumple zones.

  • It comes complete with:
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Fit front & side curtain airbags
  • Highly visible seatbelt reminders
  • ISOFIX child seat mounting points

The visibility to other road users gets a boost with day-running lights and a tall tail-light at the rear. On top of that, the Grand Tourneo Connect has optional automatic headlights and windscreen wipers.

Our thoughts of the Ford Grant Tourneo Connect

Driving the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is a surprisingly good ride with great handling. It’s not going to have hoards of driving enthusiasts in line waiting for a turn. But, for a van-derived vehicle, it drives much like your typical car.

It comfortably seats seven passengers, and it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into getting that result.

Most road surfaces are efficiently traversed at both low and high speeds. But, given its large size, the smaller B roads can be a little troubling at times. Motorway journeys pose no problems with the car happy to cruise along.

Steering is very communicative and the kickback from potholes is suppressed quite nicely.

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