Ford Tourneo Connect
camper van conversions

Convert your Ford Tourneo Connect into a fully functional micro camper. With a simple foldable design, your Ford Tourneo Connect can be transformed into true MPV.

About the Ford Tourneo Connect camper conversion kits

The Ford Tourneo Connect conversion kit is the simple, affordable solution to camping on the go. Offering a unique foldable design your Ford Tourneo Connect can take on several configurations purpose-built for camping on the go.


The Ford Tourneo Connect camper conversion kit folds away nicely into the boot. Allowing you to keep all the rear seats and the generous storage space that the Ford Tourneo Connect is known for.

Relaxing throughout the day

Within seconds you can transform your boot into a cosy longe complete with seating for up to five and a table to eat, read or finish that crossword you’ve been working on.

Sleeping the night away

Time for bed? With no effort at all, you can change from longe to bed, with a comfy, and spacious double matress.

What our customers say

We had lots of questions when we came to look at the micro-campers and Jason couldn't have been more helpful! He provided an excellent service (alongside his excellent conversions) and we have loved every moment of becoming micro-camper owners. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Redcote Leisure – and indeed have already done so to several of our friends!

Beth and John

My husband has always loved camping, I have always said I would hate it. We couldn't afford the 30 grand for a 10 year old VW camper. So when he showed me the details of a Redcote day/micro van I was persuaded to go and have a look. What a revelation! Jason showed us the various beautifully kitted out vans with no hard sell or pressure to buy, it was obvious he knew his stuff and loved the vans. We bought one straight away. We have had days out cooking on the little stove and sitting in the back at the table. We also bought the awning, which is really a little tent that fits neatly on the back of the van. We have been camping over night, what could be better – the room of the little tent to sit/eat in and then climbing up to sleep in the comfy double bed in the back of the van. It is perfect and we love it and would recommend Redcote Leisure


We are happy to recommend this place. Jason is very knowledgeable about his product, and was able to talk us novices through what we needed to know. When there were a couple of unforseen glitches, these were sorted out quickly and in a friendly and professional manner. A pleasure to deal with him, and we would not hesitate to do so again. We have now had a couple of brilliant excursions in our camper…one a local try out, the other a 1400 mile 5 day trip to the far side of Germany, taking in 5 countries in total and finishing up at an excellent campsite in Belgium. The camper did everything required and we had a brilliant trip.

Caroline Hodson

Micro camping is such fun! Jason at Redcote is very helpful. Top marks from us.

Joye Colbeck

I and out in no time, great service and a quality product.

Leigh Dowell

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Why buy a conversion kit from us?

20 years experience

We’ve got years of experience in the outdoor leisure industry.

After-sales support

We’re known for our outstanding support.

Camping enthusiasts

We love camping, so know what you’ll need.


Save on fuel, insurance and time compared to a tent or motorhome.

More freedom

Go anywhere, anytime and have the comfort of a fully functional campervan.


Not just a camper but an everyday car as well. You even keep all the seats.

Ford Tourneo Connect

  • Cavernous five-seater interior
  • Sliding rear doors aid access
  • Diesel proves cheap to run
  • Surprisingly good to drive

The Ford Tourneo Connect may have got to market later that its Citreon, Peugeot and Fiat counterparts but they say good things come to those who wait.

Being based on the Ford Transit Connect Van, this MPV aims to shake the industry and remove control away from the current leaders.

The Ford Tourneo Connect Design

With an upright body and boxy look, the van inspired design oozes practicality; while maintaining the traditional Ford aesthetics, we’ve come to love.

The massive wheel arches, straight angles and iconic aggressive front face all add to the character of this not so little car.

Internal Design

Entering the car gives an overwhelming sense of space in which there is a lot.

The dashboard layout will be familiar with many of the controls resembling modern Ford cars. Everything is easily accessible to the driver, including the four 12v sockets. All dials, knobs and buttons provide a satisfying amount of feedback which is excellent while concentration on the road.

Much of the interior use plastics shared with its van counterpart, making them durable and resilient. However, that does mean that the inside of the Tourneo Connect is far less luxurious than other MPVs.

If you’re looking at models with the reversing camera and sat-nav, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well presented and integrated they both are.


The Tourneo Connect offers plenty of storage options with deep door pockets capable of storing 1.5-litre bottles, lidded gloveboxes, a deep storage shelf above the windscreen and copious amounts of other options scattered around the cabin. Trust us; you won’t be wondering where to put your odds and ends with this car.

The biggest asset to Tourneo Connect is easily it’s generous boot space. Keep the seats up, and you get a fantastic 1,029 litres of capacity; while folding the seats flat will net you a gigantic 1.8 metres long, 2,410-litre maximum capacity.


With so much space within the Tourneo Connects cabin none of the up to five adults that this car can hold will be complaining about let room. Put directly, head and, legroom is incredibly generous and is made to feel more prominent by the cars glass roof.

Air conditioning comes standard, which helps maintain a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere on hot days. However, only the Zetec model comes with duel-climate controls.

Zetec and Titanium models have rear windows that are controlled electrically, though it is an optional extra on the Style trim versions. Generally, the visibility from anywhere within the cabin is excellent.

The Titanium model also comes with tray tables on the backs of seats making for a handy and convenient way for rear passengers to snack or play board games on long drives.

Drivers of all heights will be comfortable, with a lot of options for seat and steering wheel adjustment.


The Ford Tourneo Connect achieved the highest five-star NCAP rating with all variants having high and ultra-high-strength steel placed at crucial points of the vehicle.

Depending on the model, safety features can include:

  • Anti-lock breaks (ABS)
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Day running lights
  • Automatic headlights
  • Automatic windscreen wipers
  • Seatbelt reminders
  • Front and side airbags
  • Two rear ISOFIX mounting fixtures

Engine Efficiency

With engines designed for low power and non-aerodynamic body shape, the Ford Tourneo Connect’s performance isn’t the best on the market. That said, emissions for each are moderate with great mpg.

There are three diesel options which all use the 1.6L TDCi.


The lower-powered 94bhp version has a traditional 5-speed gearbox and offers up to 285Nm of torque. Reaching a top speed of 100mph, it has a slow 0-62 time of 14.7s. The lack of power is made up for with a low 130g/km CO2 emission and good 56.5mpg average.

Next up is the 113bhp diesel which has a six-speed gearbox and offers 285Nm of pull. The max-speed is 103mph, and it can reach 62mph in a reasonable for class 13.8s. Fuel efficiency is better than the less powerful version at 58.9mpg and a CO2 figure of 130g/km.

The final Diesel option is to add Fords ‘Fuel Economy’ pack. It offers additional features such as start/stop and provides an extra 10Nm of torque on your chosen model. The performance will be the same. However, efficacy will improve to 120g/km of CO2 emissions and up to 61.4mpg.


There are two petrol versions available on the Ford Tourneo Connect.

The 1.0-litre EcoBoost offers 99bhp and 170Nm of torque. It feels a little underwhelming, with the size and shape of the vehicle negatively affecting the drive. Fuel is a little worse than the diesel (duh) with averages being around 50.4mpg and 129g/km of CO2 emissions.

With the 1.6-litre petrol version, you get a 6-speed automatic gearbox that reaches speeds up to 108mph.

Fuel and emission efficiency suffers a little with averages of 184g/km for CO2 emissions and lack-lustre 35.3mpg

The Drive

Despite the hefty size and shape of the Ford Tourneo Connect, it drives just like a regular car and can feel quite nippy at times.

Steering is responsive and gives a surprising amount of feedback from the front tyres, which goes a long way to reassuring drivers new to the bigger class of family cars.

More still, the electronic stability features help the car feel confident on the road. There is a noticeable amount of body roll, though not enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Our thoughts of the Ford Tourneo Connect

Overall, we feel that Ford has created an excellent MPV that can easily rival the likes of the Citreon Berlingo. It’s comfortable for all occupants and drives much like a typical family car.

We’d recommend the more powerful 1.6L diesel with Fords ‘Fuel Economy’ pack as it provides the best balance of power, efficiency and cost.


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