Diesel or Petrol Micro Camper which is best for You?

Is a Diesel or Petrol Micro Camper best for you

One of the most common misconceptions my customers have is that Diesel is terrible for the environment. Where  Petrol is better, this is a complicated matter and one that will rage on. We all know all fossil fuels are not ideal for the environment, but for the time being Micro, Camper users are stuck with them. We are still some way off from having an electric Vehicle appropriate and affordable with an adequate range between charges to use as a Micro Camper

Diesel Engines Emit Less CO2 And Greenhouse Gases (GHG) than Petrol engines estimations indicate that diesel engines emit about 10% less than the petrol engines of the same category.

Petrol Engines Emit Fewer Fine Particles (like PM10, PM2.5, NO2 or NOx) And Air Pollutants than Diesel

So, to try and give you a simple answer both Petrol and Diesel Micro Campers pollute. But my understanding is Diesel is better for the Planet whereas Petrol is better for People.

So, the choice is not that simple; it has lots of elements to look at when choosing what is right for you.  what you want to achieve, but in my experience, most Micro Camper users have no desire to drive in cities and are more attracted to adventures in the Countryside and on the Coast

Follow the link to find out if Diesel or Petrol is best for you to take this QUIZ and see what is recommended for you.

Key Comparison Points


  • Better for Short journeys
  • Better for City driving
  • Petrol cars Euro 4 and higher are free in ULEZ
  • More Expensive for Road tax
  • Petrol is Cheaper currently
  • Fewer Miles Per Gallon
  • Engines do not last as many miles as Diesel


  • Better for Motorway driving
  • Better for Long journeys
  • Better for Hilly countryside driving
  • Better for Towing and commercial use
  • Only Euro 6 Diesel (Newer Vehicles) are free in ULEZ
  • Cheaper Road Tax
  • Diesel is More Expensive currently
  • More Miles per Gallon
  • Engines cover more miles than Petrol’s

It’s not possible to provide a definitive verdict on the Diesel or Petrol debate, what is right for you is down to the Driver and how they use their Micro Camper.

I hope you have found the information useful in deciding what is right for you and your Micro Camper journey.

Don’t be caught up in the Media’s war on Diesel and believe Petrol is the way to go You know what you will be doing day to day with your Micro Camper and hopefully, I have highlighted the Pros and Cons of both fuels.

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