The heat is on

Heaters can make a massive difference to your Micro Camper experience making you more comfortable and extending your season.

At Redcote Leisure we sell 3 different heaters The Kampa Diddy, The Kampa Cuboid and The Outwell Katla from what I have read on the web the Kampa Diddy seems to be the most popular choice among the Micro Camper users but is this just because it is the one that has been on the market the longest and it is also the cheapest in this blog we will be testing to see if it is worth spending a few extra pounds on your heater.

Campervan Heater Comparisons

Redcote Leisure Price


Dimensions are very important in a Micro Camper as storage space is very valuable.

  • Kampa Diddy Fan Heater 22 x 17 x 9 cm (4488 cm³)
  • Kampa Cuboid Heater 17 x 23 x 12 cm (4692 cm³)
  • Outwell Katla Camping Heater 27.5 x 19 x 14 cm (7315 cm³)


Weight is not so important as none of the heaters are very heavy.

  • Kampa Diddy Fan Heater 0.9kg
  • Kampa Cuboid Heater 1.4kg
  • Outwell Katla Camping Heater 1.7kg


Safety is always very important, and all three heaters come with a Safety Cut off Tilt Switch which will turn the heater off if it gets knocked over and all three are also equipped with Overheat protection also all Three have 2 power settings a higher of 1500w and lower of 750w on the Kampa units and 1000w on the Outwell Katla.

Now so far into this test we have one heater that has won all the initial tests the ever popular Kampa Diddy but now the other heater will start to flex their muscles.

Cable length

Cable length is really important as it will give you more flexibility on where you can locate your heater this is especially important if you have an awning in our test all heaters were able to reach the floor while plugged into the main in each of our Redcote Leisure Micro Camper but the clear winner with a cable twice as long as the next longest is Outwell Katla which will allow you to position your heater where best suits you

  • Outwell Katla Camping Heater 3m
  • Kampa Cuboid Heater 1.5m
  • Kampa Diddy Fan Heater 1.15m

Thermostatically controlled heat is a big bonus you can set the temperature and the heater will turn its self on and off to retain that temperature no more overheating only the Diddy does not have this function

  • Kampa Cuboid Heater Yes
  • Outwell Katla Camping Heater Yes
  • Kampa Diddy Fan Heater No

Cooling It’s not always cold when its hot we all reach for a fan so a heater that can also cool would be fantastic

  • Outwell Katla Camping Heater Yes
  • Kampa Cuboid Heater Yes
  • Kampa Diddy Fan Heater No

Oscillation will move the heat or cooling around a larger area such as an awning this feature is only available on the Outwell Katla

  • Outwell Katla Camping Heater Yes
  • Kampa Cuboid Heater No
  • Kampa Diddy Fan Heater No

So which heater should you buy well the good news is they are all great Heaters?  

Kampa Diddy is the Best on a Budget being the smallest, lightest and cheapest while still having the same 1500 watt output as the others its main drawback is it does not have a thermostat and the cable could do with being slightly longer the lower 750-watt setting is good for use on the continent

Kampa Cuboid is the Best allrounder it is not much bigger or heavier than the Diddy, but the shape is more practical and easier to pack with the added cooling and thermostat it also has the lower 750 watts setting

Outwell Katla is the Best Yes, it is bigger ,heavier and Most expensive at £35 but it is feature packed with a lot of attention to detail including a carry handle, power light and a removable vent cover to help prevent dust from getting inside added to the thermostat control and the oscillation it will be great in an awning and harder for the people who like to hog the heater you know who you are!

So which heater do I use? I opted for the Kampa Cuboid it does everything I need, and I also think it’s the best looking

Look out for our next Blog entry and take our survey to see which heater you would buy.

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